News from the past…

Hey there all…

This is our brand new blog site… Hopefully you will be able to keep up to date with all the stuff we’re doing by dropping into this site every now and then. Pretty weird idea hey! We no longer communicate with people we just post our blogs and hope someone somewhere is reading them.

Well… the past year has been a big one. Prue and I got married on April the 29th. It was a fantastic day… we really enjoyed seeing all of our friends and family together at one time. Because there was so many people there we didn’t get to speak to people for long and so our past 3 months have been exceedlingly busy trying to catch up with people. We still haven’t written thankyou cards or chosen the photos for our album.

What have we been enjoying about marriage? There’s lot of good things about marriage. This past week i have been sick so I have been enjoying having someone to look after me again. This is Prue’s first real test of the marriage vows… “in sickness and in health”. We love lots of things about marriage. Breakfast together each day, praying and reading the Word together, hanging out on our day off (Swells coffee shop at Merewether Beach has become a favourite haunt of ours).

What’s been happening in ministry?

Ministry has been great of late… 2 main reasons:
1. Preaching: I have really enjoyed preaching through the first 11 chapters of Genesis. I finished this on Sunday night and will return to it again later in the year. I found these chapters of the Bible pushed me theologically. Many of our foundational doctrines of the faith are set forth and explored in great detail in these chapters – Creation, Sin, Judgment, Relationships, Work. It was a great delight to be able to work through these doctrines and see how each one of them is resolved or fulfilled in Christ.
2. People: The second reason ministry has been great lately is people. I say this with some reluctance because people can be draining and tiring but it is a great joy to be involved in people’s lives. I love watching people grow and mature in Christ, I love helping people come to grips with difficult parts of the Bible, I love it when people trust Prue and I enough to ask for help… it is a great joy and privlidge working with people.

Well that’ll probably do from me for this evening…


3 thoughts on “News from the past…

  1. onya sam and prue. great looking blog. looking forward to some exciting reading in the future. i am also excited about being the first one to make a comment.

  2. Hi Sam and Prue!! Having dinner with your Mum and Dad tonight and they kindly shared your blog site with us! Love the photos and have been looking at the parents album tonight too. Such gorgeous pics of the happy couple. A little note from Aunty Vivvy, she loved the photos too and sends her love! If you ever want to check out my blog this is the link: it’s mainly scrapbooking stuff and photos of the girls, but you might like it for a light read! Great catching up with you guys via your blog. Love Chrissy!

  3. Why go to Swells when you have a swell machine of your own????!!!!
    (this is from Aunty Vivvy!!)

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