sermon constipation

Well it’s Friday afternoon and I am looking like having to spend a few more hours in the office tonight due to a severe case of sermon constipation all afternoon. (I am resting my mind by doing this brainless and unintersting blog)… Hopefully my condition will relieve itself when I return to the word document.

Anyway… it’s now September which means it’s FINALS SEASON! Brings back fond memories of last years grand final effort by the mighty Swans. I think we’re looking at back to back titles. Adelaide has just lost theirs captain in Mark Richuto due some vague illness (hope you get well soon after the finals Mark) and the Swans are on song. Carlton should be an easy beat and hopefully we’ll nab a top 4 position.

But it’s looking like I will be in central Australia or on a bus going to central Australia and for the second year in a row will miss the grand final…

I promise my next blog will be much more meaningful and positive.


One thought on “sermon constipation

  1. I know how you feel sermon wise. But if the sermon won’t go, then get out there and do some pedalling.
    And as to the swans being on song, I think 2005 was their swansong.
    Your father-in-law

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