Getting the most of your weekend…

What makes a good weekend? I reckon generally speaking a good weekend is spent with my wife in Newcastle around the beach and coffee shops… doesn’t get much better actually. The weekend just gone was very different but fantastic.

Stage 1.

A mammoth drive from Newy to Sydney to see U2 with Ray, Ray, James and Nick. Memorable experience. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to for sure. The Edge is definately uber-cool!

Book review: read Bono on Bono. Interesting read and was probably the book that re-ignited my love for U2.

Disappointment: Bono was preaching all night at the concert, which I am normally a fan of, but his big point was COEXIST. He told us that Muslims, Christians and Jews were all sons of Abraham, which just doesn’t fit with what the Bible says. The Bible is all for peace and equalityand people loving eavh other but it’s very clear that those who are in Christ are Abraham’s real sons. Gal 3:29If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Stage 2

Breaky at the beach for Nick’s birthday. Mmmm… it’s always tops going out for brunch with Mum and Dad becasue you eat like kings and they foot the bill. Thanks Mum and Dad.

Stage 3

DJ Souter (often found preaching and teaching the Bible at the Gathering) and Lou got married. It was such a fantastic day. Souter and Lou are defintatley two of the most wonderful people in the world. Can you think of a better bloke than Souter? Let me know if you can, I’d like to meet him! Also a great time for catching up with friends.

Stage 4

Preaching all day long at Hunter Bible Church.

Stage 5

Blog and off to bed.

It was good to see you on the weekend if we did!!! Catch you soon.

Sam and Prue


2 thoughts on “Getting the most of your weekend…

  1. i won’t be in Canberra Jodi. Sorry, you’ll have to put up with Stooge for company. Prue and I are going on a Summer Holiday and then to Orange for the mission part of NTE.

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