Blog, blogging, bloggers…

Did you know that in the world of blogging that it’s kocher to blog about someone else’s blog. So if yoou don’t have anything to say for the day you just write about someone else’s blog and leave a link to it! (I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing!)

The way i found this out is that someone else has been blogging aboout my blog. You can check out their blog about my blog and then blog about the two of us blogging about each other…

This is my favourite part of her blog about me…

I think he has some pretty interesting things to say, he has a great sense of humour and great pics.

All of this got me thinnking what does ‘blog’ mean?

This is what I came up with…

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.

But Wikipedia notes that ‘blog’ can also be a verb (as per the sentence above)…

“Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning: to maintain or add content to a blog.

I wonder if it will ever become an ‘adjective’??? For example, I had a blogging good time! I’m blogged! (as a result of too much time blogging)


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