Cheesy, Ezy, Ian…

Hey there… just a recommendation to read the blog of ‘Cheesy’, ‘Ezy’, ‘Ian’. Take your pick what you want to call him. He is a very funny man, sometimes very strange (I have actually witnessed this man dance to the noise a washing machine makes and trying to impersonate that action of this washing machine) and sometimes (when he’s not dancing to washing machines and craving Madonna songs) very insightful. He is in Japan and his blog is very much worth reading. Have a look…

P.S. I have no idea who that girl is (it’s not his girlfriend though), or the guy with the fish… but I really like the photo of the fish guy.


2 thoughts on “Cheesy, Ezy, Ian…

  1. Sometimes very strange!? I’m honoured Sam – I’m really not worthy to have found lodgings in the esteemed Newy Hilton. I may have danced to a washing machine or two in my time, but I was just trying to make the weirdest smelling dude in the house feel at home (he was also the tallest). nyuk nyuk. I will long remember your unique dish-washing pose – feet about 2 metres apart to save your back. Remember my “rinse and stack before washing” procedure… never quite making it to the washing part! haha. Good times ne?

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