Caricatures of discipleship

Caricature: a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect.

When people draw a caricature of someone they generally take a standout feature about them – good or bad – and accentuate it until even if it was a good feature it’s no longer a good feature because you can’t think about it in anyway other than the caricature now.

Got me thinking about what the world sees in us. What do you reckon the world would draw if they wanted to draw a caricature of a Christian?

Tonight I preached on Luke 6:17-49. I reckon if an unbeliever knows any bit of the Bible, Luke 6 is the bit they know. They know that a Christian is to love their enemies. They know that Christians are called by Jesus not to judge people. But my guess is if asked to draw a caricature of a Christian they wouldn’t draw someone who is loving and non-judgmental but they’d draw the exact opposite – an unloving, judgmental, narrow minded, goody two shoes who looks down their noses on people, and who don’t really take the words of Jesus seriously.

How would they draw you? How would the person you share an office with, or a work site with, or a house with draw you? How would people draw your church? What would be the most obvious stand out feature about us they would want to accentuate. Good or bad!??

Have a read of Luke 6:17-49 and be challenged by Jesus demands for the kingdom person.

No points for guessing who this is. 100 points for guessing who drew it.


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