willing Son of God…

Luke 9:51 says…

he set his face to go to Jerusalem.

This is a remarkable statement. This is the turning point of the book of Luke. It is here that Jesus’ ministry changes it course. From this point onwards Jesus is very intentionally walking towards the cross.

This statement prevents us from setting God and Jesus against one another as though they were in conflict. Jesus was not an unwillingly recipient of the punishment that we incurred. He was not some kind of reluctant whipping boy. Rather, he willing marches to the cross to atone for the sin of mankind. What a saviour!

Of course we must be equally as cautious not to suggest that God the Father is a ‘a pitiless ogre whose wrath has to be assuaged, whose disinclination to act has to be overcome, by the loving self-sacrifice of Christ.’ (The Cross of Christ, John Stott)


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