A New Location for Church

Hunter Bible Church 5pm is moving to the Junction Primary School. Officially we move on the 27th January but we are having Cafe Church there on the 20th January. Later on in the year we plan to start a morning congregation at the Junction. Richard Sweatman will pastor that congregation.

So Hunter Bible Church will consist of:

1. Unichurch
2. 10am Lambton
3. 10am The Junction
4. 5pm The Junction

Pray that the move goes well and that we reach more people for Christ as we move.
There will be a new website soon… stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “A New Location for Church

  1. good news.

    i think it will be a good move… and that’s exciting that richard will be starting a morning crew there.

    that picture is good stuff.

  2. So great to have Richard Sweatmann lead the congregation. It does feel a long time since we met when he was a first year at Ted’s Hall.

    Well, I guess it was a long time ago!

  3. the image is the front of a postcard we’ll be letterbox dropping the area and cafe’s with.

    Justin – i think you said it was 13 years ago when you met up with Richard on a previous post. LONG time ago

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