Day off..

I love having a day off. We went to Erina Fair on the way home from Sydney today. It was pretty crazy. People go mad at sale time. Lucky we had some time to destress at Campos at Terrigal. Why the coast? We thought we better familiarise oursleves with the region since my sister-inlaw will be living there next year when she gets married. Plus I had a $100 gift voucher to spend at HMV and there’s no HMV in Newcastle.

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3 thoughts on “Day off..

  1. i was sick today.

    i was going to have lunch with row in gosford… but she had the crazy idea to go to erina instead… we saw some friends and followed them to their car… so it didn’t take too long to park…
    but inside was crazy. CRAZY!
    not a good place to be when sick.
    i worked out places i could vomit in myer with the least impact on other people… luckily i didn’t need to vomit!

    is there a campos in terrigal? as in the campos at camperdown??


  2. it seems to be the same coffee. I have never been to campos in camperdown but this place sold Campos coffee… it’s not on the main strip but the street behind that. Good coffee!

  3. hey sam – i went there on monday.

    it’s not a campos… they just use campos coffee… (and have it on the umbrellas)

    but it was very good…

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