The Historical Jesus

Christmas is a great time for the gospel to hit the mainstream media. As I have perused the papers over the past week it has been encouraging to see Peter Jensen speak with clarity about the Lord Jesus when most of the others waffle on about peace, love and hope without ever really understanding what it is all about. Here is a short article he wrote for the ABC called a A Fun Year for Atheists. and makes some bold but true statements about the historicity of Jesus and the futility of the atheists quest to discredit Jesus without demonstrating that Jesus was not a real person. Here is a snippet:

The atheists have had a fun year, with five or six high-profile books attacking religion indiscriminately. We used to be told that all religions are equal because they all lead you to God. We are now hearing that no religions will lead you anywhere – least of all to God. Either way, of course, we are saved the trouble of discriminating between one religion and another….

…Certainly, Christianity could be discredited by a discovery that its basic historical claims are untrue. I am not a Christian because it feels good, or because it suits my personality or my life-style. I am a Christian because I have been persuaded that the Christian gospel is the truth.

Pray for Peter as he continues to speak to truth to the world through the media.


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