Digger 21

Played a good game of Digger 21 tonight (AKA “Aussie Bocce”). Worth a game some time. All you need is a Bocce set, a large expanse of sand, and some friends. The tricky thing about this particularly Australian variety of Bocce is that once someone is close to the jack (or “Robbo”) it is near impossible to knock them out of the way… you need to rely on pure accuracy. I seemed to have none of this. All of my friends smashed me tonight.

Score: Prue – 21; Dave – 20; Row -20; Me – 8

Pretty humiliating defeat. However, I did sustain a forearm injury earlier today (I rode into a tree on the side of the road) which I think adequately explains my poor form.


2 thoughts on “Digger 21

  1. aha – i was right – it is the same ‘dave and row’ who are now coming to ‘my’ church… when worlds collide eh?
    hope you’re well

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