Spotlight on Burma

As the news regarding the situation in Burma drift from the front pages of our newspapers it is so easy to forget the harsh realities that many are still facing in Burma. Hope Myanmar Partnership, working for the sake of the gospel in Burma, is still receiving news from the front lines…

As we read this chapter in Psalms, we see the most beautiful character of our God: the powerful protector who cares for his people and comforts them despite the devastation around them. During this time of devastation in Myanmar, one thing is clear – God is present. God is comforting his people. “Be still, and know that I am God”, he says. Sometimes it takes such tragedy for people to be still. But those who take a moment to be still and seek God will surely be met by a God who is compassionate, gracious and abounding in love.

Let us pray for those in Myanmar that have been so shaken. Let us pray that they will call on the name of God; that they would come to learn that Jesus has made it possible for them. May this bring them real hope at a time when they feel so hopeless.

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