Belief in an age of scepticism…

Reading Tim Keller’s book “The Reason for God: Belief in an age of skepticism”. As per usual Tim is thoughtful and extremely helpful in presenting the difficulites with defeater beliefs whilst at the same time helping people see that when you look at Christianity positively it makes mnore sense of the world around us than any other worldview. I just read the chapter ‘Science has disproved Christianity” and so here are a couple of excerpts:

However, Christians may believe in evolution as a process without believing in ‘philosophical naturalism’ – the view that everything has a natural cause and that organic life is solelythe product of random forces guided by no one.  When evolution is turned into an All-encomapssing Theory explaining absolutley everything we believe, feel and do as the product of natural selection, then we are not in the arena of science, but of philosophy…

[there are] four different ways that science and religion may be related to each other: conflict, dialogue, intergration and independence. At one end of the spectrum, ‘in conflict’ are both the proponents of ‘creation science’ and, ironically, thinkers like Dawkins.  Each side has brought into the warfare model of the relationship of science to faith.


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