Christmas Effectiveness

Mikey has been blogging about Christmas and it’s usefulness in evangelism. We had Carols last night and it went gangbusters. In terms of number of new converts though it was (as Mikey would suggest) minimal! Probably none. Why will we keep doing Carols???

– it’s the easiest thing we ever do to invite friends and family along to

– the church makes introductory contacts with a whole host of unbelievers, or even disenchanted Christians looking for a church.

– it kicks off our evangelistic efforts over the summer season

– hence provides an opportunity to invite people to Christmas Day Church and WAVE (our summer kids mission)

As one arrow in the quiver i reckon Carols is a great thing to put on as a church.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Effectiveness

  1. hey sam.
    i’ve been thinking a bit about mikey’s posts for the last couple of days.
    i like your thinking.

    one of the things some american churches do is they start a new series on christmas or easter. so the talk is a talk in its own right, but it then launches into the rest of the series to come. i like that.

  2. We are doping that at easter next year. we are preaching the end of Luke then going back to the start. but Carols is such a different format that we’ve been doing a stand alone talk particular for that event. But Christmas Day would be worthwhile starting a new series. a short one would be good with individual stand alone talks because so many people away over that period. Have a good Christmas Dave.

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