Myanmar – Day 6

What’s been going on in Myanmar:

– Bible Teaching:  for the past 2 days I have been teaching the Bible through a translator to around 40-50 pastors in Myanmar.  It has been a great experience.  I think I now understand what Paul was talking about when he said to the Romans that he was looking forward to mutual encouragement as he went to Rome to preach the gospel.  I have one more day of teaching and then I am speaking at the Bible School Graduation also.  There will be around 250 guests at that last event… so pray for me and the translator.

– Pre-school:  one of the ministries that HMP supports is a pre-school in Myanmar.  It has been great to see the church reach out to the community through education. The community really appreciates the work they do and this work has been a powerful testimony to the gospel.  The girls on team have been loving hanging out with the Myanmar kids & teaching them some English.

– Spending time with Christians:  it ahs been lovely to be on the other side of the world and to live out the fellowship we have in Jesus with the people of Myanmar.  We look forward to mor of this as we go a short mission trip next week. 

Hopefully i will post again soon but the net is notroiously slow here.

Was trying to put a picture on but topo slow… have to just cope with words….. doh!

Here are some pictures now I am back in Oz…


Dress-ups at Pre-School


Ice Cream wafer sandwiches in Singapore.


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