Conducting a funeral of a close friend tomorrow. Here is a snap shot of some of things we loved about our friend Heidi:

When Prue met up with her she would often come home with mixed emotions. Sadness at times, because things were obviously so tough for Heidi, that we could not understand fully, but at the same time there was always something to laugh about, rejoice in, be excited about, and reasons to give thanks to God for Heidi.

Her recent phase was scrabble. Everyone she hung out with in the last few weeks of her life were probably subjected to the game of scrabble. A text message from Heidi was always extravagant and conveyed love for life and people, not just facts. She loved a cup of tea, a live gig at the view factory, she loved a good movie but had no idea how to use a computer or the internet.

She loved her little house and took great delight in making it home with crazy art stuff and interesting fabrics covering the old furniture she had managed to get together from friends and family. She loved to swim at the beach. She dressed in a funky a way that reflected her personality. And all of these things were things we loved in Heidi.


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