Taking time off in ministry

Found this on Pipers accountability questionaire:

* For the purpose of time invested into ministry and time off for rest and family, the pastors split the each day into 3 Rest & Rejuvenation modules (morning, afternoon, & evening) or 21 modules a week. They have pledged to take off 7-10 R&R modules a week, and to take off 3 of these modules consecutively (to fulfill a Sabbath principle). Most pastors take their Sabbath on Fridays, and choose 4-7 other modules a week to take off.

I reckon this is hard to keep to?  BUT I also reckon I waste time just in the office not being productive!  I hate that.  My mate clocks his hours and when he is done is amount for the week he is done.  Pens down and out of there!


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